Yoga at The Space!

Friday's 7:30a-8:30; Saturday's 9-10 am. $15/class

 The body is designed to move in a variety of ways: We’re built to lean,  to bend, to reach, to breathe and twist. For many of us, jobs and daily  routines limit us to a small set of movements leaving parts of our body  overworked while other parts go unused. Likewise, we spend a lot of time  on auto-pilot bouncing from task to task, rarely stopping to rest,  breathe deeply, and notice the little things to be grateful for.

 Fortunately, we have yoga. As it turns out, moving and breathing in new  ways with focus, control, and awareness does a body and mind some  undeniable good. For the relentless strivers, this is an opportunity to  explore easing up a little. For the self-proclaimed slackers, it’s an  opportunity to safely challenge yourself. Somewhere there’s a contented  middle ground. Let’s find it!

Classes are open to all. No yoga  experience necessary. Variations and movement options will be offered to  accommodate different ability levels.  

To sign up for these classes (pre-registration not required) click here.