Blues Workshops with D'Leene & Cody!

The Weekend Plan!

Sunday December 2nd: 

Blues Footwork & Connection: 12-1

Blues Musicality: 1-2

Optional Practice Time: 2-3

D'Leene Peet


D’Leene is a RN and has been in healthcare taking care of people for more than 20yrs. She understands the body in depth and can help everyone. With her education in Nursing, body work, chemistry, pathophysiology, biology and muscle usage she is able to help dancers understand how to make adjustments that significantly grow and improve their dancing, prevent injury and adjust for previous injury. 

D'Leene quickly moved up the ranks to earn All-Star status, making her rank among the top competitive dancers in the West Coast Swing scene!

She loves what she does and can not wait to share her passion with all of you!

Cody Anzelone

Cody has been dancing for over 10 years, so it is no surprise he has made his way to the top, as an All-Star leveled competitor. 

Cody is one of the few that made it to All-Star in just a year's time! 

With several competition wins under his belt, showing off his blues skills will be nothing short of a great time!

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