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How It Works

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Each class offered at The Space does NOT require a partner or pre-registration. 

Classes may be treated as a drop-in or a monthly series. There is a discount given if an entire month is paid for. 

You may sign up below ahead of time, or pay at the door. Each instructor has their own pricing structure, but on average, each class is $12/drop-in for $40 for the series. 

Any further question, feel free to call or text Jenny Cooper at 541-401-1635



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Introducing...Kids Classes!

Your kids are in great hands with Jessica Curry!

A little about Jessica...

Jessica started dancing at a young age, which has led to 20 years of experience. She has the most background in hip hop and jazz. Jessica  has coached a high school dance team for 2 years. Then went on to  teaching after school dance programs to elementary school kids for a  year. She then took a break from dance to start a family, but her love for dance never went away. 

Classes Offered (sign up below)

Creative Movement Ages 2-4. Sundays 1-2pm

2-4 year old creative movement class is a class where toddlers can  express themselves through dance and movement. It helps them learn about  their bodies and the space around them. This is a non competitive fun  way to use the imagination. This class will allow a maximum of 15 students per month to ensure every child receives adequate instruction and attention.

Hip-Hop Age 5-7

5-7 year old hip hop class is a class where young children can come to  learn an age appropriate energetic type of dance. We will start with a  warm up to help build your child’s core strength and improve body  control. We will introduce the latest dance moves through a choreography  to help develop expressive abilities all while having fun.  

Hip-Hop Age 8-11

8-11 year old hip hop class is a class where the kids will also start  with a through warm up to work on strength and flexibility then move on  to learning the basic fundamentals of well know types of dance and  choreography. The class will be taught to age appropriate music and  moves. 

Have further questions? Contact Jessica at: 541-408-6000. Call or text. 

Classes start January 7th. Each class can be a drop-in or a full month purchase. You can sign up for the whole month with the link below. 

Please welcome instructor Jessica Curry!

Please welcome instructor Jessica Curry! 

Kid's Class Registration