Class Descriptions

Beginning Salsa/Bachata-Tuesday 5:30p-6:30

 In this beginner level class you will learn salsa & bachata basics  and simple turns while also paying attention to partner connection  through lead and follow technique. 

Salsa Turn Patterns-Tuesday 6:30p-7:30

 This class is for those who have taken Level 1, or have a  good  understanding of Salsa basics.  In this class you will learn fun turn  pattern combinations.  

Bachata Turn Patterns-Tuesday 7:30p-8:30

 This class is for those who have taken Level 1, or have a  good  understanding of Bachata basics.  In this class you will learn fun turn  pattern combinations. 

Ballroom Variety-Wednesday 6p-7

Each month you will learn a different ballroom style. Styles include Foxtrot, ChaCha, Waltz, East Coast Swing, including others. 

Level 3 West Coast Swing-Wednesday 7:30p-8:30

This class is for people who have taken beginning, level 1 and level 2 west coast swing. Learn some advanced patterns, technique and some competition mindset. 

Casino/Cuban Salsa-Thursday 5:30p-6:30

Casino is a cuban style of salsa.  In this class you will learn to dance in a 'wheel' or rueda, with two or more pairs.  No partner required.  Beginners welcome.  

Class Descriptions

Level 1 West Coast Swing-Thursday 6:30p-7:30

You should have taken at least 2 of the beginning classes before entering this one. Or have the basic knowledge of the basic patterns. This class will add more patterns and the technique to execute them.  

Level 2 West Coast Swing-Thursday 7:30p-8:30

You need to have taken Beginning and Level 1 for this class, or have better than the basic knowledge of most patterns. This class will go over more complicated patterns and of course technique. 

Beginning West Coast Swing-Friday 7-8pm

This class is made for the brand new dancer and for dancers who want to get more practice of the beginning patterns. This class you will learn the 4 basic patterns to move you up to the next level. Only 2 of the 4 classes are recommended before moving up to level 1. 

Intermediate Lindy Hop-Sunday 6-7 pm

Basic knowledge of this dance is preferred before taking this class. Learn some more advanced patterns and techniques of this fun, fast paced dance. 

Beginning Lindy Hop-Sunday 7-8:30pm

This class is for the brand new Lindy Hopper! This class is also great for people needing/wanting more practice of the basics. This class will show you everything you need to know to get started with Lindy Hop

Yoga- Fridays 7:30a; Sat. 9a

Start your morning off right with some stretch and relaxation! This yoga class will focus on the mental aspect and help you gain focus for your day. 

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