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Class Descriptions

Salsa Turn Patterns-Tuesday 6:30p-7:30

 This class is for those who have taken Level 1, or have a  good  understanding of Salsa basics.  In this class you will learn fun turn  pattern combinations.  

Bachata Turn Patterns-Tuesday 7:30p-8:30

 This class is for those who have taken Level 1, or have a  good  understanding of Bachata basics.  In this class you will learn fun turn  pattern combinations. 

Intermediate Ballroom Variety-Wednesday 6p-7

Each month you will learn a different ballroom style. Styles include Foxtrot, ChaCha, Waltz, East Coast Swing, including others. Check the class schedule for the style of the month. 

Country Swing/Pattern Dancing-Wednesday's 7:30-8:30

This class will be 30 minutes of country swing and 30 minutes of a rotating country pattern dance. All dances in this class you will be able to dance at Mavericks (local country bar) or anywhere country is danced. The dances will include country two step, nightclub two step, schottische , horseshoe and others. This class is an all leveled class. 

Class Descriptions

Beginning East Coast Swing-Thursday 6-7 PM

 This ballroom style swing is a great way to get introduced into the world of swing, A good basic rhythm to get things started in the right direction.  

Patterns (West Coast Swing)-Thursday 7-8 PM

  Looking for some new moves for the social dance floor? Feeling like your follows and leads are getting bored with what you have? Then this class is for you! Cody Anzelone is the instructor for this class. 

Musicality & Technique-Thursday 8-9PM

You should have the basic knowledge of west coast swing for this class. Cody will go over more patterns and technique to better your west coast swing. 

Bliss Dance Workout Friday's- 12:30-1:30

  What a better way to get a lunch time pick me up than a bliss dance workout! This high energy class will get you through the rest of your Friday and possible your weekend!

Intermediate West Coast Swing-Friday's 7-7:45PM

This quick 45 minute lesson will get you through our social dancing night with a few extra moves to spice things up!

Beginning West Coast Swing-Friday's7:45-8:30

  West Coast Swing is a hybrid of dances, creating this one of a kind dance for everyone to enjoy! Come see what it is all about. This connection based dance will forever change your perspective on dance.   

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Open Vogue Session-2nd & 4th Sunday's 2-3:30

Come express yourself with this creative, freeing dance! This open vogue session will give you the opportunity to express yourself in a safe, confident building area.   

Beyond Beginning Lindy Hop Sunday 6-7 PM

This class will take you beyond the beginner steps and really dive into your Lindy Hop!

Beginning Lindy Hop 7-8 PM

 Looking for a fun, fast paced dance? Then Lindy Hop is the dance for you. The original swing dance, this is where it all began! 

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